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KTP Visual Profile was crafted out of the needs of professionals seeking career advice and counseling. Professionals contact us daily asking for help with their job search; 99% of the time we cannot assist, as that is not what recruiters do. What we found is that most candidates who seek assistance do not know how to navigate a present-day career search, including having a proper résumé to attract attention and make the reader want to review it. We have also found that those professionals, who have landed an interview, do not know how to properly prepare. They have no direction with how to interview, what questions to ask, equally important what questions not to ask and to whom to ask. There is no understanding on how to properly follow-up and close, or at what time intervals. With nearly 20 years in the executive search world, we at KTP decided it was time to add a service to our product offering. This is a candidate-paid service for professionals who KTP is not actively representing in the market. Call or email for more information.

• Branding Video - Professionally directed and edited personal branding/resume video

• LinkedIn Profile Development & Facelift - Don't let recruiters pass you by, make sure you are found

• Resume Review / Analysis / Writing - 1st impressions are everything, what does your resume say about you

• Career Management, Counseling & Advice - Do not navigate the interview process along, let us guide you

• Career Search Strategy - On the market, what will you do 1st, who will you contact, what is your approach

• Interview Preparation & Coaching - We have the most comprehensive interview prep in the industry, read our reviews

• Social Networking Site Review - What does that last "like" on social media say about you, should you have posted that

• Career Biography - shorter than a resume, use this as an ice breaker during a 1st meeting

• Customized Resume Distribution - Who is your resume going out to, let us blast your resume to our network

• Interview Analysis & Debriefing - How did that interview really go, we'll tell you

• Interview Follow-Up & Closing Time Intervals - When should I follow up, should I send an e-mail

• Reference Check -What are your references really saying about you, we'll tell you

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* 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied there is no fee!
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