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February 2017
I was referred to Mr. Yankovich and KTP Career Management to Re-Brand my Professional Profile. I didn't know this was something I even needed done. But after seeing the work he did on my behalf I can see the great value of the service and how this will benefit me professionally. More over working with Tarin was a pleasure and I recommend his work and professionalism.
G. Alexander., VP, - Divisioanl Vice President, Nuveen
December 2016
I engaged Tarin's Career Management services to assist in my career transition. I didn't know what to expect, but he took the time to speak with me multiple times, reworked my professional profile and image and I couldn't be happier with the result. Tarin knows the business well and has a service I had never heard of but I'm glad I used.
Andrew L., CFA - ETF Speicalist, PIMCO
November 2016
"I've know recruiters all my professional career and never have I worked with a recruiter so well rounded and so professional. I didn't know that some recruiters offer services beyond that of just placing candidates. I'm glad to have worked with Tarin and recommend him, his firm and his services to anyone who is looking for finance recruiting services or career management."
P.W.F., SVP, - Divisioanl Sales Manager, OppenheimerFunds
October 2016
"Tarin came recommended to help with my professional profile. I was thoroughly pleased with his professionalism, attention to detail, experience, and insight into what recruiters and potential employers are looking for from job candidates. Many thanks Tarin."
E Ernie Gordon, - VP, T. Rowe Price
September 2016
"I was introduced to Tarin and (KTP Career Management) a few months back and from day one I was impressed with his knowledge of the finance industry's hiring landscape, and what to do about my managing my career. He provided a comprehensive overview on how to approach the market and how to best position myself in front of hiring authorities. I can honestly say I didn't know this type of service existed, and now that I know I couldn't image approaching the job market without such guidance. "
Joe T., Managing Director, J.P.Morgan
August 2016
I thought I was prepared for my current job search. I have been adding to my resume for over 20 years. There is a ton of experience, however that creates clutter and confusion to the message. Tarin's skill with knowing what recruiters and companies are looking for has transformed my profile. I now have the confidence that my true worth is being displayed. Thank you Tarin
M. Romano, CIMA, National Accounts, RS Investments
July 2016
"I've known of the great executive search and placement reputation of KTP Executive Search for many years, but I didn't know they also had a Career Management business. They offer services typically reserved for their retained clients to professionals working on outplacement. I found Tarin to be a great communicator and his ability to execute on his description of what he can do was spot on. If you are looking for a top wholesaler recruiter or outplacement service, I highly recommend Tarin and his firms."
M. Baker, National Sales Manager, Invesco
June 2016
"Tarin is laser focused, detail-oriented, and a pleasure work with. He is an expert in his craft, and very timely in producing the highest quality work. I am grateful to have people I can count on like Tarin in my network, and look forward to future opportunities to work together."
M. Gagala, Sentinel Investments
April 2016
"I've known Tarin and the reputation of his firm KTP for many years, but I didn't know he also helped candidates with Career Management. I was actually referred to him via another group as expert in this space. Long story short I hired him to enhance my career growth and he was beyond knowledgeable with his critiques and professional with his service. He was a huge help and I recommend him to anyone looking to advance their career"
T. Dickinson, Eaton Vance
November 2015
"Working with Tarin was an excellent experience. He helped me turn my good interview skills and into excellent skills prior to an interview for a large asset-management firm. He is very detail oriented himself and as we collaborated, I became more detail oriented myself. His preparation process is thorough and has helped me be a more polished, prepared & professional candidate through my job search. I highly recommend Tarin to any job seeker or anyone who is looking to refine their interview preparation process and skills."
K. Doering, Flexible Plann Investmetns, Ltd.
May 2015
"Working with Tarin changed the way I approach the interview process - definitely a skill that I will carry forward into the rest of my career. He was incredibly prepared and professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend working with Tarin and his group, he has strong relationships with the companies that he recruits for and great insight into the role and management teams."
K.M. Wholesaler, American Funds
April 2015
"Working with Tarin was such a great experience. Nearly a month into my new position, I have to say, it would have never happened without Tarin. 

From the first conversation through my first day at the new firm, Tarin was there to support and partner with me. More importantly, his dedication and professionalism ensured this was a good fit for me, my family and for the firm. He listened to what was important for me in making a change, and made sure that it lined up with the goals for the new firm, and it was quite a match! 

I would recommend working with Tarin if you are looking for someone that understands and cares about both where the firm wants to go AND where you want to go! Clearly his goal is to match the best person with the best opportunity! "
M.W. Director - Regional Sales, Performance Trust Asset Management
December 2014
"I can't express in words how grateful I am with your effort in helping me prepare and achieve my goal of obtaining a position as an external wholesaler with Federated Investors. Thank you! Your process is one of a kind and I wish you continued success!
N.S., Wholesaler, Federated Investors
October 2014
"Thanks for believing in me and coaching me for the WI postion! You're the best!"
G.T., Wholesaler, Federated Investors
August 2014
"While Executive Vice President at Fisher Investments, our team needed to actively recruit top talent for our growing money management firm; we were impressed with Tarin’s recruiting background and my team and I brought Tarin in-house to assist in the growth of the Outside Sales Team on a national level. Tarin had an immediate impact on the both the volume and the quality of candidates we were seeing. He proved to be an invaluable part of OSP hiring for the Private Client Group from 2000 until 2004 when he left to start his own recruiting firm. After 14 years Tarin & I remain in contact, and on occasion I still reach out to him to seek his expertise in recruiting matters. Tarin’s unique style and recruiting methods are among the best I’ve worked with in my career. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, professional and effective asset management recruiter to engage Tarin Yankovich and his firm."
Deglin Kenealy, CEO, Osborne Partners Capital Management
July 2014
"I am very pleased with my experience working with KTP. They took the time to get to know me, what I was looking for and matched me with the opportunity I was looking for. KTP assisted with preparing me for each step of the process, along with navigating through every detail. Thanks again KTP for everything!" 
M.A.,CRPS, Retirement Distribution Representative, American Funds
May 2014
"...Thank you for your patience. I very much appreciate the time and energy you spent helping me prepare for my conversations with Capital. ...I am really very excited for this opportunity. I know this would not have come together without your guidance. I will never approach an interview the same way again. Thank you for the education!"
K. M., Area Sales Representative, American Funds
October 2013
"Tarin stands out as unique in a crowded field. Not only was he invaluable to me in finding the right company join, but he also ensured my employer would get the best possible fit. His organized, thorough, and extensive approach should put him at the top of your list, whether you are a firm seeking talent, or an accomplished professional seeking your career. His process gives both parties peace of mind they will leave happy. 

Tarin found me. After our initial phone conversation it was immediately clear he was different from the rest. He dove deeply into who I was; my life view, experiences, etc. He was deeply knowledgeable about what my would-be employer was looking for, and throughout the process set reasonable expectations for communication and stuck to them. That alone makes him different. 

Yet what truly separated him from the pack was his involvement throughout the process until papers were signed. He provided me with numerous tools that, when completed thoroughly, would assure 1) any qualified candidate the best interviews he or she have ever had, and 2) any employer a genuine look at whether the candidate really was a good fit. Once we neared the finish line, Tarin's advice consul through the acceptance process and help navigating resignation were likewise instrumental." 
C. D., CIMA, Reginal Sales Consultant, Federated Investors
January 2013
Great Results, Personable, Creative!
Matt Khan, VP & Regional Sales Manager, Federated Investors
January 2013
"I was impressed with Tarin's creativity and how prepared he gets his candidates for the next step. He helps you take ownership of your career and knows his clients well."
Matt Fessler, Wholesaler, RS Investments
July 2012
"I've worked with career coaches and recruitment experts in the past and had no idea what I was missing out on. Within the first 5 minutes of my first phone call with Tarin, I started learning the difference that a true expert can make. Whereas I was expecting to "interview" Tarin to find out if we'd be a match, I found the tables turned quickly, with him just as eager to find out if I would meet the high standards that he looks for in the candidates that he coaches. After agreeing to work together, the real education began. Tarin, I can't thank you enough for your help!"
Jared Casner, Regional Manager
March 2012

“I had a great experience working with Tarin and KTP. He walked me through each step of the interview process and was instrumental in landing my new role. I would highly recommend Tarin to anyone that is ready to land their next role.”

A.H., Wholesaler
March 2012
"Tarin was a vital resource as a recruiter during my recent search for a financial services position. He is truly an expert in his field and the passion that he brings to his client's placement is evident from the outset. The "Candidate Preparation Process" he has his candidates undertake is simply the best interview preparation material I've seen from a recruiter. Anyone who works thoroughly through this process will be in the best possible position to obtain his/her desired position."
C.W., Wholesaler
February 2012

"Tarin has established a succesful, methodical, and functional strategy for interview preparation. I can now admit that I thought I had done enough research and preparation for an interview with a large Financial Services Provider... until I was introduced to Tarin's step by step process that turned my previous preparation upside down. Without Tarin, I would have been ill-prepared for certain questions had his strategy not prepared me before hand. Thank you so much!"

N.O., Business Analyst
August 2011
"Tarin is an extremely dilligent & thoughtful person; moreover these qualities are reflected in his work . He is a top grade professional and I would highly reccommend anyone to retain his services."
F.A., Wholesaler, PIMCO Investments
April 2011
“I can't say enough about Tarin's professionalism & dedication to the individuals he works with. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to help see me through this tremendous transition. He is thorough, thought provoking & always easily accessible. You will not work with a better recruiter.”
M.S., Senior Product Specialist, PIMCO Investments
March 2011
"I reached out to Tarin while I was interviewing for positions in 2010. I was interviewing a lot, but not getting the offer. I talked with Tarin about an upcoming interview for a position, with a great company, that I really wanted to land. Tarin was not even involved with the search, he wasn't getting any compensation, but he spent approximately 45 minutes talking with me. We talked about past interviews and why I wasn't getting the offer. He coached me on the upcoming interview and I ended up with offers from two differenct companies following our conversation. The best situation I could have asked for."

Thank you Tarin! You didn't have to help, but you did on your own time and your guidance was excellent!
Jason Lauderback., National Accout Manager, Calamos Investments
January 2011

Over the past dozen years that I have worked in the financial services industry, I have teamed with various executive search firms and recruiters.  All have been on a contingency basis, with the exception of Tarin, who is retained by his client(s).  Through my work with Tarin, I have found that when retained, you need to have a much deeper and intimate knowledge of the company you are placing for, as well as a better feel for who would be a suitable fit within that company’s culture.   Beyond merely ‘knowing his client’ - which is a must for any salesperson - what most impressed me about Tarin was how he prepared me for the interview process. Right from the get-go,  Tarin gauged my interest in the position and made sure I was fully aware of “his” process before moving forward in prepping me for the various rounds of interviews.  He challenged me by having me go through some rather intensive, thought-provoking and introspective exercises.  Tarin provided me with relevant information on some recent candidates that were extended offers and what it took to get them there, as well as where some other candidate fell short.  Bottom-line:  Tarin is a detail-oriented, no non-sense professional.  He absolutely speaks his mind and I have found him to be consistently spot-on.  Tarin and I have been working on this opportunity for about two months.----------

It is no surprise that my soon-to-be employer, which also happens to be one of the largest asset managers in the world, has retained [KTP's] placement services.  With his deep client knowledge, his willingness to assist and his accessibility (nights/weekends, it doesn’t matter – Tarin will be there for you), we both hit our objective:  getting me an offer to work for his client.   Furthermore, Tarin hasn’t stopped there…he is coaching me on the resignation process as well, i.e. proper timing, who to resign to, etc.  He is fully your business partner in this process!-----------------

He has earned my full respect and I look forward to the opportunity to refer some of the contacts within my network to Tarin and his executive search business.  In my dozen years, he is far and away the best I have worked with.


I fully endorse Tarin and KTP Executive Search Group!

P.K., VP Fixed Income Mutual Fund Wholesaler, PIMCO Investments
January 2011
"Tarin recently helped me take an enormous leap forward in my career as a Financial Sales Professional. He walked me through each step of the interview process and introduced me to his proven system for success. He constantly went above and beyond to ensure that every step I made was the right one. My interview process was ultimately a success with the help of Tarin's creativity, integrity and experience.

Working with Tarin was a great experience for me and I highly recommend his services for anyone who is ready to take the next step forward in their career."
M.K., AVP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
October 2010
"Tarin is tenacious and thorough, and committed to delivering results. When we first began working together he was only peripherally familiar with the particular function that our company was hiring for, and therefore made it a point to become a true expert very quickly. He devoted many hours to recruiting, coaching, and closing his candidates, going well above and beyond what is normally required. During the year we worked together he placed twice the number of candidates for me than any other recruiter. He is persuasive and effective, and I greatly appreciate his efforts."
P.H., Sr. In-House Recruiter
August 2010
“To work with Tarin is to appreciate the real value in finding someone who has mastered his craft. He works with integrity, tortuous detail, and is uniquely talented at what he does best...helping others pursue their dreams. If he has confidence in you, it is only because you deserve it. Do not take that for granted and instead, take advantage. From his shoes to his professionalism, he does everything 100% ...and will for you too.”
G.G., VP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
August 2010
"Tarin is outstanding at connecting qualified individuals with appropriate, stellar job opportunities. His attention to detail is outstanding and he will have you successfully prepared to not only interview but also impress. Tarin truly listens to any concerns you may have and finds the right fit for you."

C.F., AVP Mutual Fund Wholesaler

August 2010
"Thank you for your guidance throughout this process. Simply put, I have this job because of you. You do your job with outstanding ablity, dignity, pride and enjoyment and it shows. Thank you for your instrumental role in this life chaning event..."
J.M., VP Mutual Fund Sales Manager
May 2010
"I have recevied this appointment and have it on my calendar! I am hard at work on my homework and have been all day. This prep process of yours is not easy, but it is highly effective! You need to copyright this and sell it, its the best process I have ever seen!"
M.M., VP Mutual Fund Sales Manager
March 2010
"Thank you for taking the time to coach me for the [FIRM] interview on Tuesday. During my 20 year career, no headhunter has taken as much time or has taught me as much as you did in a half hour. I will work hard on the questions you given to me and will be more prepared for a phone interview than I have ever have been in the past."
G.B., VP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
February 2010
“I had the opportunity to work with Tarin near the end of 2009. I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail and the level of due diligence that he conducted. He did an unbelievable job of screening candidates and making sure that only high-potential prospective hires advanced to later rounds in the interview process.”
J.W., CFA, CFP Mutual Fund Director
November 2009
“Tarin is a well-connected executive recruiter and has access to some top names in the financial industry. I found him to be personable and keen on tryinging to find the right matches for his clients in a caring manner. He is on a growth path in his business and with persistence I am sure that he will be successful in expanding his network even more. I recommend Tarin as someone to know for career moves.”
L.V., Mutual Fund Wholesaler
October 2008
"Thank you Tarin.  Of all the people I've dealt with from search firms, you are the most impressive."
J.R., VP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
September 2008
"Thank you again for your professionalism throughout this process. I will happily send David an email - Good idea, I've come to expect from you. The preparation you gave me for [FIRM] has not gone to waste.  I have deployed your system on the next 5 opportunities.  I've had a number of introductions come through old clients and senior management at prior jobs.  I am indebted to you and when possible look forward to returning the great assistance you gave me in the past months."
S.M., CFA, SVP Asset Management Portfolio Manager
June 2008
“Tarin was an absolutely fantastic recruiter. I have been approached by many recruiters in different industries and have never been approached in such a well informed professional manor as Tarin conducts his interviews. Tarin was one of the best recruiters for the entire company. He displayed fantastic business acumen, strong overall knowledge and never changed even during some very arduous conditions. The most important factor in recruiting is trust. You can count on Tarin and trust he will act in your best interest. He is a seasoned professional and a very likable person outside of work too.”
B.D., SVP RIA Marketing Director
March 2008
“In my opinion, the best part of partnering with KTP Executive Search was never being surprised during the preparation or interview process. Thanks to KTP I knew the questions that would be asked of me and I was kept continuously informed as to the interest level of my prospective employer. KTP got me in the door, helped me every step of the way, and had a significant impact on my getting hired.”
M.T., MBA, Asset Management Trader
August 2007
“Tarin recruited me to Fisher Investments and without his sincere and professional persistence I might not have left AXA. Tarin knew that I would do well at Fisher and I have enjoyed great success and a fantastic group of people to work with. He is a great recruiter and one that I model myself after.”
N.P., VP Outbound Sales
May 2007
“Tarin was a valuable asset through my hiring process and provided constructive advice for each interview. I was very impressed with his knowledge and experience in regards to recruitment.”
C.G., AVP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
May 2007
"I have worked with Tarin for the last two years on searches for internal wholesalers for American Funds. He has a deep understanding of the financial services industry and does an outstanding job of understanding our business objectives and the candidates we need to fill our roles. When his candidates are in process his follow-up is second-to-none and is appreciated. It has been a pleasure working with him and I recommend his services to others."
D.A., VP Wholesaler Recruiter, Capital Group Companies for American Funds
March 2007
"I can't express how much I appreciate what you have done for me, you have really taught me what it takes to be prepared for an interview...."
J.A., VP Mutual Fund Wholesaler
August 2006
"Tarin Did an unbelievable job in preparing me for what to expect in the interview process"
K.T. VP Asset Management Sales
July 2006
"I have worked with search firms in the past, and KTP separates itself through their attention to details.  I was especially impressed with the interview preparation process.  I knew what questions to expect in my interviews with the hiring manager and other senior management, and feel this was one of the keys to them hiring me. I highly recommend KTP!"
C.B., SVP Mutual Fund Wholesaler, DWS Investments/Deutsche Bank
February 2006
"With respect to my personal experience re the recruitment process, as previously mentioned, I felt that Tarin was very thorough and competent in his role.  He was able to respond to my many questions and concerns in a timely, professional manner.  Additionally, he was efficient at following up and providing feedback on a regular basis.  I would recommend other candidates to Tarin for future such opportunities."
P.T. SVP, Chief Compliance Officer, Capital International Asset Management
January 2006
"I had several failed interview attempts with other search firms and I believe part of the failures was due to lack of knowledge and preparation.  However, not only did KTP do the necessary due diligence on my position they also helped me prepare for all phases of the interview process.  That was absolutely key in me gaining my position.  KTP’s follow up was exceptional and I felt “in the loop” every step of the way.  Other firms that I worked  with did not provide that level of interaction."
N.S. SVP, Mutual Fund Wholesaler, DWS Investments/Deutsche Bank
January 2006
"I was very impressed with Tarin's inclusive approach. He improved my resume', successfully coached me through the interview process, helped me decide on the merits of the offer, and finally, showed me how to transition to my new position. I was with my previous employer for almost 20 years, and thought I would never leave. I have spoken to hundreds of executive recruiters, and my answer was always the same....thanks but no thanks. Tarin not only has the experience and the ability to show you attractive opportunities, but his common sense approach gives you the confidence to improve your career."
M.G., SVP Asset Management Sales, Capital Group Companies for American Funds
December 2005
"Tarin was a very effective and diligent advocate on my behalf.  He was persistent yet professional with the hiring company during a period where the company could easily have overlooked my candidacy due to their workload.  During the offer process, he provided sound guidance and helped me obtain a better compensation package than initially offered."
T.D., JD, Senior Corporate Counsel
June 2004
"I had the pleasure of working with Tarin Yankovich at Fisher Investments.  We needed to grow our National Sales Team and we hired Tarin to actively recruit new talent for our growing money management firm.  Tarin immediately hit the ground running and I had several solid candidates in front of me with-in weeks. Tarin proved to be a valuable recruiting tool for Fisher Investments.  Tarin’s efforts lead to the hiring of over 30 exempt employees including: Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sales, Project and Compliance Managers, Senior Recruiters and In-Side Sales Professionals.  He has always been professional, discrete and easy to work with;  he understands our business and can communicate to finance professionals at their level.  His unique style and recruiting talents found us candidates who I would not have otherwise seen.  I recommend to anyone who is looking for a finance recruiter to consider working with Tarin Yankovich."
D.N. EVP Co-Founder Fisher Investments Private Client Group
July 2003
"There are two key areas where KTP excels in my mind. Number one is coaching the candidate through the interview process so there are not unnecessary stumbles or faux pas by the candidate that would cause them to be eliminated from the running. I was thoroughly prepped before and during the interview process as to what to expect and how to best play my cards to get an offer.  The second area is caring that the offered position is a good fit for you to improve your situation and be happier. Many firms try to get you to jump in a new position in order to fill their search with a warm body that the company would hire without their desire to help you improve your situation by taking a new position.   As a candidate you get a real sense that this search firm is working for you to help you find the best fit for your needs."
S.S. VP, Asset Management Sales, Fisher Investments Private Client Group
May 2002
"In 2001 I started receiving calls from Tarin Yankovich a recruiter in Northern California about a job opportunity in the Philadelphia area.  I ignored Tarin’s calls for probably close to 6 months, even hanging up on him once.  But his persistence paid off and one day I took his call.  To my surprise he was working on a sound opportunity with a money management firm and I listened.  In early 2002 I accepted a Vice President role with Fisher Investments.  I’m very excited about the career move I made and my future with the company.  I keep in contact with Tarin to this day and even though he constantly reminds me of my hanging up on him, I thank him for is persistence and professionalism throughout the interview and hiring process.  To anyone who receives a call from Tarin, I would recommend one thing… “Listen.” 
S.J.V., SVP Asset Management Sales, Fisher Investments Private Client Group
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