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Partner With Clients:

When KTP takes a search order we process many variables before deciding if it will be a KTP Search Assignment. We are selective with the work we take on. KTP only engages in searches we know can be filled.

What does this mean? It means we collaborate with our clients. We are not order takers; we are professional consultants skilled and trained in art of executive search, and as such we are here to assist and guide our clients in their talent acquisition needs. We do not do all the work, we expect our clients to work with us ...partner with us.

When a client works in partnership with KTP, we are able to be open, candid and effective. If there is an issue with a search we are quick to address it and work with our clients on it. The only way to be successful when working to bring people together is to be in a collaborative and open partnership.

KTP takes the time to know each client, the hiring managers, human resources, the company, its history, its products and its culture. This is just the start, we also memorize the job specifications, the unique skills required for the role and special characteristics necessary to fill the role.  In contrast our clients need to know about KTP, what information is needed and when.  When KTP is given the tools necessary to make the assignment a success, everybody wins.

At KTP we strive to be in a collaborative partnership with each client we work with.

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