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CPC Designation:

Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) represent those individuals who set the standard for the executive search and staffing profession by striving for excellence, through expert business sense and by being guided by legal principles; but moreover, by a recognition that true success only comes to those individuals, and their clients, who conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical principles and standards of our profession.

This NAPS certification trains recruiters to be knowledgeable about the federal laws affecting the executive search and staffing industry and the work of professional personnel consultants in the United States — knowledge of which is essential for those engaged in this important service. The CPC examination addresses legal information relevant to the practice of the search and staffing industry, and the professional personnel consultants who function within search and staffing firms. The examination also addresses the NAPS professional and ethical standards and the certification program rules.

At KTP Executive Search, Inc. we hold ourselves and our staff to the highest industry standard.

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